27th May (Sunday)
18:00 Welcome Reception: Sunset with traditional music of Coimbra at ISCAC Lounge.
28th May (Monday)
09:00 Registration and Support Desk Opening
10:00 Opening Ceremony
Ricardo Pocinho | Chair/Organization Committee – ANGES
Manuel Castelo Branco | President of Coimbra Business School-ISCAC
António Costa | Prime Minister of Portuguese Republic*
10:20 Conference 1
Junia de Vilhena | Pontificia Universidade Católica do Rio da Janeiro (Brasil)
The silencing of old age: from social erasure to recognized aging. A reading of the clinical-discursive categories about old age.
10:40 Conference 2
Manuela Vilar | Faculdade de Psicologia e Ciências da Educação da Universidade de Coimbra (Portugal)
Assessment of Quality of Life in Older Adults
11:20 Coffee-Break
11:40 Conference 3
Manuel Villaverde Cabral | Institute of ageing at Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Portugal)
Ageing in comparative perspective – SHARE: Lisbon, Portugal and Europe
11:40 Conference 4
António Fonseca | Universidade Católica Portuguesa(Portugal)
Ageing in Place: the case of Portugal
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Parallel Sessions and Interactive poster session
Tracks – I
1.Ageing and health
2.Lifelong learning
3.Mobility and functionality
4.Psychology and psychiatry
16:00 Conference 5
Francisco George | President of Cruz Vermelha Portuguesa (Portugal)
Grow old with health
16:40 Conference 6
Raul Valdes Cotera | Unesco Life-long Learning Program Coordinator (Hamburg, Germany)
Lifelong Learning Policies and Strategies
17:20 Conference 7
Mabuel Luis Capelas | Universidade Católica Portuguesa (Portugal)
Palliative care on ageing
18:00 Workshop 1
Monica Sousa
Cognitive Stimulation of the Elderly by PAPI: Psychological Support Program for the Elderly
Limited to 20 inscriptions
Workshop 2
AidLearn – Silver-Code Project
Limited to 20 inscriptions
20:00 Social Conference Dinner –  Restaurant Solar do Bacalhau
To participate in the social dinner of the congress, send an email to info@associacaoanges.pt, stating the subject “social dinner registration” indicating your name, number of people and the proof of transfer of the amount of 20 euros per person. There are limited places.

IBAN –  0045 3034 4025 3369 1353 2

*To be confirmed
29th May (Tuesday)
09:00 Support Desk Opening
09:15 Conference 8
Gabriel Cesar Jimenez | Director Geral da GA Consultores (Zaragoza, Spain)
Ageing and new technologies
09:45 Conference 9
Rafael Calatrava |  UMIVALE Madrid (Spain)
Ageing of the working population and health
10:15 Conference 10
Jaime Salom Moreno | Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid (Spain)
Physical exercise and active ageing
10:45 Conference 11
 Diana Duro | Clinical and Health Psychology Specialist – Advanced specialization in Neuropsychology – Coimbra University Hospital Center (Portugal)
 Neuropsychology: dementia and its effects on the elderly
11:40 Conference 12
Albertina Lima Oliveira | Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences – University of Coimbra (Portugal)
The mindfulness in ageing: A promising silent revolution
12:20 Conference 13
Antonio Muñoz García – Universidad de Granada (Spain)
Spirituality and old age: relevance and current trends
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Parallel Sessions and Interactive poster session
Tracks – II
5. Equipment for the elderly
6. Work and ageing
7. Ageing and society
8. Senior, medical and health tourism
9. Doctoral consortium
16:00 Conference 14
Margarita Cigarán Méndez | Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Madrid, Spain)
Building the path of life. Acceptance and positive evaluation of the personal journey
16:30 Conference 15
Esperanza Navarro-Pardo | Universidad de Valência (Spain)
Fragility syndrome in ageing
17:00 Plenary session
Chair/Organization Committee
17:10 Closing session | Solemn awards cerimony | Musical Moment with the choir of “Association APRe! – Aposentados, Pensionistas e Reformados”
Chair/Organization Committee
Jorge Conde | President of Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra*
Manuel Machado | President of the Chamber of Coimbra*
Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa | President of Portuguese Republic*